Bicarbonate Of Soda Cancer Treatment

It is thought that the pH balance of the blood is related to overall health: an imbalance that sees the blood become too acidic or too alkaline may result in ill-health or illness. Because a suppressed immune system is usually a major factor in the onset or return of cancer, it’s essential to keep the body’s immune system healthy and balanced as far as possible. Alternative therapy proponents suggest that one way of helping to ensure that your blood pH remains balanced is to take bicarbonate of soda. Bicarbonate of soda is an alkaline product that will help tip your blood’s pH levels back towards their naturally alkaline state, helping to stave off immune system issues, and potentially helping in the fight against cancer.

Because high acidity blood is associated with decreased oxygen levels, and cancer growth is encouraged in such instances, it’s essential to ensure that the alkaline levels in the blood remain stable. A bicarbonate of soda treatment can help to reduce blood acidity, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, and thus starving the cancer cells, helping to slow down or even decrease growth, and also to prevent new cancers from forming in other areas of the body. Bicarbonate of soda treatments may therefore be an effective complementary treatment for those who are currently suffering from cancer, and may also offer a solution for those who are in remission from cancer, or who have recovered from cancer but want to decrease the likelihood of cancer returning in future.

The effectiveness of bicarbonate of soda as a cancer treatment has been argued by a few physicians, who note that bicarbonate of soda can not only help reduce blood acidosis, but can also help feed “starved” cells, helping the immune system in its fight against a growing or spreading cancer. In addition, bicarbonate of soda has also been used in ionising radiation treatments, as well as to help with the killing of bacteria, indicating that it may have a number of properties making it effective as a medical treatment. More generally.

While oral sodium bicarbonate treatments may offer some benefits, bicarbonate of soda is usually taken intravenously. When taken orally, however, bicarbonate of soda is usually taken with molasses or maple syrup, especially in the case of later stage cancers. It is thought that combining these ingredients offers the body greater weapons to combat the cancer, thus boosting the immune system and staving off cancer growths. Bicarbonate of soda, while not used as a primary cancer treatment, may help fight against cancer when used in tandem with a range of healthful, immune system-boosting practices such as eating well, exercising, ensuring adequate amounts of sleep, and reducing stress levels. All of these are essential in keeping an immune system functioning properly, and will help prevent immune system suppression. Thus, combining these factors helps to ensure that the body is best positioned to fight against existing cancers, or to help prevent cancer from returning or from developing in high-risk individuals.