Hemp Oil Cancer Treatment

The use of medical marijuana has been linked with anti-carcinogenic effects, meaning that medical marijuana can help with delaying or even preventing the onset of cancer. Cannabinoids therefore are an option when it comes to treating highly aggressive or invasive cancers. One commonly used and effective cannabinoid cancer treatment is hemp oil. Hemp oil has been used not just to help deal with the painful side effects of chemotherapy, but to actively help fight cancer in a primary cancer treatment role. The efficacy of hemp oil as a treatment is not a new finding, however, as it has been used in many cultures for hundreds or sometimes even thousands of years as an important medicinal product.

Hemp oil, derived from help seeds, is a fatty acid that contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as containing levels of gamma linolenic acid that are higher than those found in any other type of plant product. Research has indicated that hemp oil is effective in not only reducing cancer, but also in stopping it from spreading throughout the body. This is true for both slow growing cancers and more aggressive cancers such as lung cancer, which is known for quickly metastasising into secondary cancers. Hemp oil, additionally, is able to target cancers that are traditionally very resistant to standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, making it a powerful agent in the fight against high-mortality and treatment-resistant cancers.

In addition to being effective against cancers such as lung cancer, hemp oil has also been shown to help inhibit the growth of a number of brain cancers, and can also help stop the spread of the herpes virus, which is a triggering factor in the onset of gynaecological cancers in women. Hemp oil, therefore, may not only help to reduce and slow the spread of existing cancers, but may also have an important preventative benefit when it comes to several commonly occurring cancers. Taking hemp oil as a supplement may not only benefit existing cancer patients, but also those who are in remission from cancer, who have recovered from cancer, or who at a high risk of being diagnosed with cancer due to lifestyle or family-related factors.

In addition to helping to attack existing cancers and to attack cells that may turn cancerous, such as pre-cancerous cells in women, hemp oil’s unique nutritional make-up means that it has significant immune boosting properties. Hemp oil’s high levels of a number of essential fatty acids are key to helping to keep the immune system healthy and balanced, helping to stave off immune system suppression or illness, both of which can compromise health. Given that cancer often occurs in individuals whose immune system or general health is compromised, this finding is significant. Hemp oil is therefore a valuable option in the treatment and prevention of cancer, and should be considered as an alternative or complementary therapy. In some cases involving cancers that are resistant to standard therapies, hemp oil may be a beneficial primary therapy option.