Cancer Treatments

In recent years medical advances have resulted in a number of improvements to the different types of cancer treatments available to cancer patients. A wide variety of information about common types of cancer treatment as well as alternative cancer treatment and holistic cancer therapy is available on this site.


Perhaps the best known method of treating cancer, chemotherapy is a method of treatment that involves using drugs to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy treatment may involve a variety of different approaches and treatment types, and can be used for a range of different cancer types. It is often used as part of a larger cancer treatment programme, and is widely used as a method of helping to treat cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Another well-known type of cancer treatment is radiation therapy, which is used to kill off cancer cells, prevent growth, and reduce the size of tumours. Radiation therapy can be applied in several different ways: via an external machine, using radioactive substances in the body, and using radioactive materials close to the afflicted areas. It is often performed in tandem with other types of cancer treatments, and can be particularly efficacious against certain types of cancer treatments.


A large proportion of cancer patients will undergo some type of surgery as a type of treatment of cancer. Traditional surgery is used to remove tumours, particularly if they haven’t spread to other areas of the body, while cryosurgery, a type of surgery using liquid nitrogen, is used to freeze and therefore destroy cancerous tumours and growths. Surgery can be highly effective in treating cancer for some patients and certain cancer types.

Other types

There are many other types of cancer treatment that may be utilised, including biological therapies, bone marrow transplantation, immunotherapy cancer treatment, lasers in cancer treatment, and alternative cancer treatments. These treatment types offer many affordances for cancer patients, and research is improving their efficacy over time.

Alternative types of cancer treatment

Research is currently being undertaken into holistic approaches to cancer treatment such as dietary changes, immune system strengthening, stress-relief approaches and more, many of which are being integrated as part of a wider cancer therapy program. It is believed that these approaches may offer some benefits in the fight against cancer, and by helping strengthen the body, the patient may be better-placed to manage cancer, as well as to battle any other illnesses that may arise as a side-effect of traditional immune-suppressing cancer treatments.

Cancer Research

With cancer research always underway, there are many opportunities that new advances in cancer and treatments will arise, and increased funding and awareness may help benefit current and future patients needing cancer treatment.